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The third Blockchain Connect Conference will publish two lists, the List of 2018 Top Blockchain Papers and Scholars and the List of Pioneers in Combining Blockchain and Industry.

SV Insight hopes that by setting up and giving these two awards, the outstanding scholars and teams working hard in the blockchain industry will be recognized and affirmed by the industry, further promoting the construction of the blockchain innovation ecosystem, facilitating the dialogue between industry, academia, and research, and helping the healthy development of blockchain market and industry.


"Catch the Next Crypto Unicorn."


拥有最卓越的区块链初创公司参展,Blockchain Connect Conference - 硅谷2018将成为您捕捉下一个加密领域独角兽的梦幻之地。


2018 Top Blockchain Papers

The List of 2018 Top Blockchain Papers is selected from the papers published in the Science Citation Index (SCI) journal system or conferences. It is selected based on the number of citations in the SCI journal system and published SCI journal ranking indicators. The list represents the most influential blockchain papers and research teams in academia.

2018 Leading Pioneers
in Applying Blockchain in Industries

The List of 2018 Pioneers in Applying Blockchain Technology in Industries aims to recognize the pioneering enterprises that apply blockchain technology to important industries. These enterprises, seeing the challenges faced by IOT, energy, healthcare and other industries, proposed innovative technical solutions using blockchain technology, and have gained recognition and attention in the industry.

Top Lists

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Top 50 blockchain papers and research team

Top 50 blockchain Projects and Companies

Top Blockchain Universities and Colleges

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